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I’m talking about my romantic little heart. It’s not like I walk around like and idiot wondering how my body works or have recently been watching a cut, asking myself where the blood comes from. I am speaking about my romantic heart that over the years and a couple of lazy boyfriends has been filled with cobwebs and frustrated desires. René Pérez, Residente Calle 13, debuted as a director and led ​​me to believe in Prince Charming again for about 3:30 minutes.

Two days ago the Puerto Rican band made the official launch of its “Ojos color sol” video clip starring mega hottie Gael García Bernal and gorgeous Maria Valverde. The video, which has become a fans’ favorite from the Multi_Viral album is not only a beautiful visual and musical piece (Did I mention it feats. Silvio Rodriguez?) It is also an ode to the simple complexity hidden behind a kiss of love.

When I was little I  believed in fairy tales, the passionate stories of telenovelas and the distant but cherished notion of love that lasts a lifetime. Then I grew up and I’m glad I no longer desire for anyone to want to die for me, nor do I wait for anyone to rescue me (not like I ever lived in a tower with dragons), much less supports me financially (I like to work it, as Mrs. Spears would say) .. But I love to find this kind of things in the chaos (personal or global.) They remind me how great it feels to hear the sun rests on my eyes, to have someone who would get you the stars (or oranges) and kissing your loved one until he gests multicolor butterflies in the stomach. Bravo!

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